Large Rain Chain Installation Kit



PLEASE NOTE: This will not fit all gutters; please measure first. Requires a large or extra large cup style rain chain or a Link Chain Reducer, so all the water gets directed onto the rain chain. Water will miss the rain chain if the cups are smaller than the Large Installation Kit opening.

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  • Helps to direct water onto your rain chain
  • Large 3" opening
  • Designed for large, flat style gutters
  • Rain chain hangs from the bolt or D-clip
  • Designed to be used with large cup style rain chains
  • Compatible designs have top openings of 3.25" or larger
  • For link style rain chains pair with a Link Chain Reducer
  • Made of pure, thick material
  • Simple assembly required

INSTALLATION TIP: A small amount of silicone caulk is recommended to seal the kit to the gutter and prevent leakage.


Top 4 1/2" x 7 1/2"
Outlet Length 3"
Outlet Diameter 3"
Weight ~0.5 lbs.

More Product Information:

This is the perfect accessory to make your rain chain installation easy and work perfectly! This installation kit was designed for larger 5" or 6" flat gutters, but it does not fit all gutters (Will not fit K5 gutters). This Large Installation Kit is designed to be used with cup style rain chains with a top opening of 3.25" or larger. Link style rain chains can be used with this style if paired with a Link Chain Reducer. Available in pure copper, raw aluminum and aluminum with bronze, black or white powder-coating.

This kit drops into the gutter hole. Your rain chain hangs from either the bolt or the bottom of the included D-clip. Both are perfectly secure attachment methods. The water is directed downward onto the rain chain for maximum water flow efficiency! Made of pure, thick material that will last a lifetime. The D-clips are made of stainless steel for added strength and durability. The Installation Kit looks great, too! Keep in mind, the top of the Large Installation Kit now comes in one solid piece instead of with a removable plate. 

Why choose a Rain Chain Installation Kit?

Some gutters have a hole only, no flange, spout or outlet tube. Water tends to swirl out of a hole like that, missing the rain chain. Water also sticks to the underside of the gutter, dripping off up to several feet away. Some gutters have an opening that is larger than the rain chains link or cup. In this case, a lot of water will miss the chain at the top. The installation kit directs the water onto (or into) the chain, helping it to function with maximum efficiency. Easy to remove. Hanging the chain from the D-clip at the bottom of the kit allows for easy removal and installation and is a more secure method of attachment.

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