Hungry Bin Worm Composter


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  • Designed and made in New Zealand
  • Tight-fitting lid keeps insects out
  • Secure latch to keep lid closed
  • Large conveniently placed handle
  • Large, durable wheels
  • Easy-pouring drip tray for collecting liquid
  • Strong and sturdy zinc-plated legs
  • Includes a removable filter in the bottom
  • Processes up to 4.4 lbs. of food waste per day
  • Produces about a liter (33.8 oz.) of worm juice per week

Product Dimensions:

Length Width Height Weight
25.6 in 23.6 in 37.4 in 26.5 lbs.

A simple, efficient, and easy way to utilize worm composting right at home!

This continuous flow system utilizes a tapered shape that will allow you to easily harvest worm compost and tea from the bottom of the Hungry Bin! You can use all the great compost and tea in your garden, while worms work to breakdown and digest food scraps at the top of the system. Worms are surface feeders, so the tapered shape of the bin works great to force worms to the surface of the Hungry Bin and compress the worm castings below where you can easily harvest them.

Type: Composters

More Product Information:

To use this worm composter, simply place food scraps in the top of the bin. You’ll be able to get a brick of worm casting every 2-4 months (4-6 months for first brick). Simply release the floor to retrieve your compost. You’ll also be able to harvest about a liter of worm tea per week depending on your climate and the makeup of your food scraps. This worm tea is perfect for mixing with water and using as fertilizer in your plants and garden. It is also odor free and perfect for use around the home!

Quick facts about your Hungry Bin:

  • Use 2,000 red wigglers when getting started
  • Mix 1:1 ratio of worm tea with water to fertilize plants
  • Store in a sheltered, shaded area
  • The ideal temperature for the bin is 60 – 85F
  • In wintertime, be sure the bin isn’t kept in freezing conditions
  • Weight = 26.5 lbs. empty and approx. 209.4 lbs. operational
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A continuous Flow Worm Farm:

Need Composting Worms?

Red Wigglers are the most common composting worms as they can tolerate the greatest range of environmental conditions. You can expect 800-1000 worms per pound.

We recommend ordering composting worms after you receive your worm farm.

We recommend Meme's Worm Farm to order composting worms. Click Here to see their selection.