Green Cone Solar Digester

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  • Made from recycled plastic
  • Uses solar thermal heat to digest waste
  • Breaks down all food waste
  • Holds waste from approx. 3-5 adults
  • Accepts 1.5-2 lbs. of food scraps per day
  • Temperature inside may exceed 122˚F
  • Can digest pet waste
  • No need to chop, layer, turn, or water the pile

The Green Cone Solar Digester is a completely natural system that reduces food waste to its natural components of water and CO2.

What makes the green cone different from normal garden composters is the ability for it to break down waste such as animal products, meats, and even pasta scraps. This means you can reduce the amount of waste you send to the landfill even more!

Type: Composters

More Product Information:

A simple and low maintenance way to dispose of your food waste in a way that’s great for the environment! The Green Cone uses solar thermal heat to assist microbes in breaking down food waste fast and safely in its self-contained digestion chamber. The double layered design allows the Green Cone to operate effectively in both warm and cold climates, meaning you don’t have to stop composting food waste because it’s wintertime. Green Cone accepts all cooked and uncooked food waste including vegetable scraps, meat, fish, bones, dairy products, and other organic material, even pet waste! Keep in mind, bulky yard waste is not recommended for Green Cone.

Please Note: As of January 2021, the green outer cone and lid will be a slightly darker shade of green.

How To Use Green Cone?

Simply bury the bottom basket section of the Green Cone in your yard and install the top inner and outer cones. Ensure that your Green Cone is installed in an area of your yard with good drainage, so nutrients can flow away from your Green Cone. Once it’s all set up, simply dispose of your food scraps in the Green Cone as needed!

The double walled design of the Green Cone will trap heat to assist with decomposition and the surrounding soil will ensure it will not smell. The moisture from the decomposing materials will filter down through the soil and the solid material will become food for nearby worms and other natural microorganisms. You will only need to clean the green cone every 2-3 years!

Green Cone Dimensions:

Surface Green Cone:

Height Bottom Diameter Top Diameter
27.5" 23" 11"

Underground Basket:

Height (depth) Bottom Diameter Top Diameter
16.5" 15.7" 21.5"

Total weight = 17 lbs.