DekoRRa Artificial Rock - Model 120


Autumn Bluff
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  • Conceals telephone and cable pedestals.
  • Incredibly durable and non-fading.
  • Crack resistant in cold weather.
  • Constructed of recycled materials.
  • Lightweight and completely hollow.
  • Heavy duty ground stakes included.
  • Made in USA.
  • Dimensions: 27" L x 25" W x 45" H.

More Product Information
The DekoRRa Model 120 Mock Rock was designed to tackle tall objects that do not require a lot of width and length at the top or bottom. Telephone and cable pedestals up to 42 inches high, tall septic vents, irrigation controllers and other objects requiring a tall cover are ideal for this fake rock cover. Each rock formation is so natural-looking that it's nearly impossible to distinguish it from the real thing. Whether used individually or with several grouped together, this rock enclosure will not only hide industrial blemishes in your yard, but will also add to the natural surroundings.