Compost Wizard Essentials Kit


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  • Feature-packed accessory kit
  • Pairs with any composter
  • Kit includes:
    • 3 quart pail with carbon filter
    • Coco fiber brick
    • Compost accelerant
    • 19 inch stainless steel thermometer
  • Available in bamboo or stainless steel
  • Coco fiber benefits:
    • Expands up to 1.43 cubic feet
    • A great peat moss replacement
    • Great as a carbon replacement
    • Bacterial microcosm
  • Compost accelerant treats up to 24 cubic feet
  • Carbon filter cuts smells and is easy to clean
  • 1 year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty


Length Width Height Weight
10" 10" 20" 10 lbs.

More Product Information:
The Compost Wizard Essentials Kit is the perfect addition to any composter unit or compost pile. These tools are great for kick starting or improving a compost batch.

Kitchen Accents Compost Pail - This three quart pail is perfect for collecting kitchen scraps that build up throughout the week and keeping them stored away until you're ready to add them to your compost batch. Not only is this convenient for making one trip, you don't have to handle the scraps multiple times and the materials break down together, reducing composting time. The pail also includes a replaceable carbon filter in the lid that virtually eliminates any foul odors. The stainless steel pail and removable liner of the bamboo pail are machine washable. Please remove the carbon filters before washing.

Compost Fiber - Coconut coir is typically a discarded part of the coconut harvesting process until now. It's natural sponge-like properties make it an excellent growing medium and alternative to peat moss. It breaks down slowly so it maintains its structure for several months or longer. In compost, it creates tiny pockets of air and moisture which are perfect breeding grounds for the crucial aerobic bacteria that tear through compost materials. Coconut coir will replace or supplement brown ingredients: ideal for urban gardeners with limited access to carbon-rich materials.

Compost Accelerator - The Compost Booster pack includes two booster bags that will each treat up to 12 cubic feet of composting material. Simply mix one bag with one gallon of water and add to your batch. Be sure to moderate how much you add at one time so as not to flood or over moisturize your compost. Once added to water and introduced to the batch, the natural enzymes ignite bacterial growth. This 100% natural blend of enzymes is a buffet for psychrophilic, mesophilic and thermophilic bacteria that feed on compost materials, acting as a catalyst for growth and sustained composting activity, even in conditions that aren't ideal such as cool weather or an unbalanced batch. This blend is so powerful, you can see fresh compost up to three times faster.

Composting Thermometer - The stainless steel composting thermometer is an important tool for proper compost maintenance. Knowing the temperature of your batch at different times can mean the difference between making compost in a few weeks or being left with a stinky pile of goo. Decomposition occurs most rapidly between 110 to 160 degrees Fahrenheit (44-71 Celsius). With the Compost Wizard Thermometer, you can determine exactly which bacteria are most active and the best steps to take next. Psychrophilic (55-77 F), Mesophilic (70-100 F) and Thermophilic (113-160 F) are the three major groups of bacteria. As temperatures increase, so does the amount of composting activity as the next group takes over. If your pile is too cool, it may mean you need more raw materials or it isn't receiving enough basic ingredients such as moisture or air. Your pile may even get too hot and require water or extra turning to cool down.

The Compost Wizard Thermometer will give you the insight you need to make sure your compost is operating at optimal temperatures. The 20 inch stainless steel construction will hold up against corrosion and use. The large display dial has a bright red hand that gives you precise measurements in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. With this thermometer, your compost humus will be nutrient rich and ready in no time. And best of all, it works on piles and compost bins, alike.

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