Compost Fiber 4 Pack


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  • 100% Real Coco Fiber
  • Improves aeration
  • Acts as a natural sponge
  • Enhances decomposition
  • Renewable alternative to peat moss
  • Absorbs water-Reduces odors

Coco Fiber is a renewable alternative to peat moss. Peat moss is extracted from peat bogs that take thousands of years to form and years to recover and therefore is not a readily renewable resource. Peat bogs are part of a sensitive ecology that supports unique wildlife. Help protect peat bogs by using coco fiber, a renewable resource that helps retain nutrients and balance moisture in composters and will continue to benefit your garden long after it leaves the composter. Using a completely natural, renewable resource for composting and gardening needs is definitely a good idea.

Preparing your coco fiber -Place one Coco Fiber brick into a 3 gallon (11.35L) or larger container. Add 1 gallon (3.78L) of warm water. Wait 20-30 minutes for maximum expansion. Mix thoroughly. Makes 1/4-1/3 cubic feet (2-2.5 Gallons or 8-9 liters). For best composting results allow coco fiber to sit out in sun to evaporate excess moisture. Coco Fiber is now ready for use.

Composting - Mix green and brown materials 1:2. Coco fiber is a brown, carbon rich, material. In situations where coco fiber will act solely as your brown portion, use a 1:1 ratio. If you mix coco fiber with other brown materials, you will need to adjust your proportions, accordingly, being careful not to add too much. If you have excess brown material, try adding water and/or more green ingredients to balance the batch. In cases where you wish to harvest compost tea, simply compress the compost and the coco fiber will release the compost tea. Coco Fiber has Free Standard Shipping!

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