Coco Coir, Castings & Thermometer Bundle


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  • Thermometer
  • 100% natural coconut fiber
  • Microbially-active castings

More Product Information:

Amend and monitor your potting soil or worm bin with ease! Mix 1 brick of Urban Worm Coco Coir and 2lbs of Worm Castings into your soil or worm bin to turbocharge microbe colonization and water retention. Both ingredients will mix perfectly in the bag that accompanies your brick of coco coir.

A single bundle makes 3.2 gallons of an 80-20 mix of low-salt coco coir and microbially-active castings.

Mix with topsoil and vermiculite for drainage, then your potted plants will be off to the races!

An Urban Worm Thermometer is included to help you monitor temps in your soil or worm compost.