BioPod Plus


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  • Convert food scraps into mature grubs for feed
  • Heavy duty roto-molded construction
  • Made with pride in North Carolina, USA
  • UV stabilized polypropylene plastic resin
  • Digestion capacity: max. 5 lbs. per day
  • Bioconversion rate for BSF is 18-20%
  • Can digest meat, fats, and dairy 
  • Capable of digesting solid pet waste
  • Weight: 8.6 lbs. empty
  • Light gray stone color
  • 10-15 minute assembly

BioPod Plus Dimensions:

Length Width Height
26.5" 15.5" 16"

Type: Composters

More Product Information:

Use the food waste generated in your kitchen to create a healthy and natural food source for your chickens, fish, songbirds, and other animals!

The BioPod Plus allows you to harvest the larva of Black Soldier Flies at the correct stage and utilize them as valuable feed. These larvae are a great source of natural protein and contribute to a healthy, balanced diet. This is a great way to reduce the waste you send to landfills, create a more sustainable home, and purchase less processed feed!

There is an obvious cost savings associated with purchasing less store-bought feed. By cultivating a harmless, native species you are utilizing the bounty of nature rather than factory processed, commodity ingredients. Whether you have pastured chickens, aquaponic bluegill, fish, bullfrogs, or backyard songbird feeders you’ll be able to provide your animals with a healthy, living grub.

How it works:

Utilizing the larvae stage of the native Black Soldier Fly, the BioPod Plus is an efficient way of bio-converting your food scraps into living grubs, without the time-consuming task of separating the grubs from the active pile. Food scraps are added to the BioPod Plus, Black Soldier Flies are then attracted and lay their eggs inside. Mature grubs automatically separate themselves from the active pile using the crawl-off ramps and collect in the handled harvest bucket. Then you have grubs your animals will love! The advanced drainage system helps maintain aerobic conditions by separating liquid effluent from pod contents. Liquids are easily dispensed from external fittings.

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Additional Features:
  • Feeds approx. 3-6 chickens (1/3 dietary requirements)
  • Auto-separation of mature grubs via harvest ramps
  • Covered harvest bucket collects grubs
  • Top grub barrier lip minimizes escape
  • Advanced drainage system keeps liquid separate
  • Hinged main lid is easy to open using front handle
  • Inner convenience lid easily pivots, allowing for quick one-handed dumping of food scraps
  • Heavy duty, weather-resistant, rotomolded construction insures long life span and protection of colony from the elements
  • Improved ventilation allows fresh air to enter through the bucket slit
  • Compact design is ideal for shade gardens and patios

Keep in mind, you can feed the undigested bottom residue to redworms! Also be sure to protect your BioPod Plus from rain and full sun exposure. The BioPod Plus is designed for seasonal use outdoors during warm months, and year-round operation in a greenhouse.