18" x 72" Planter Box - 24" Tall


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  • Food-safe, chemical-free, and eco-friendly
  • Free protective liner
  • Built-in drainage
  • Rot-resistant western red cedar
  • Comfortable gardening height
  • 12" planting depth


Width Length Height
18 in 72 in 24 in

More Product Information:

This planter is designed and made in Canada. These products give you a controlled environment to garden in, they’re suitable for decks, patios, and balconies. Assembly is simple, in as fast as 5 minutes, with the promise of effortless planting, built-in drainage, better crops, and beautiful flowers!

Traditional gardens can be time-consuming and hard to maintain. Plus, not everyone has the luxury of substantial land to garden on. These expertly crafted garden beds take away the hassle by giving you an instant, sustainable, and long-lasting raised garden.

Type: Planters

Made With Quality Materials:

Made with Western Red Cedar, an exterior-grade lumber that’s resistant to weather, climate change, and rot. This is a beautiful, renewable resource and will last 30+ years. The liner is an exterior grade garden fabric liner, polyspun geotextile – made from polyester.

Cedar Planter Maintenance:

These planters are designed to remain outside throughout the winter season. You can leave the soil in them and simply add organic matter such as compost in the springtime. It’s not necessary to seal or stain the planter to protect the wood itself, since Western Red Cedar is resilient. However, the cedar's vibrant hues may become grayer over time with sun exposure. One product we recommend, which is food-safe for veggies/herbs, is Osmo UV Protection Oil #420 clear satin.