Subpod® Compost Worms

Recommended Compost Worms

We're excited that you're starting your compost journey with Subpod®! You'll need to purchase about 2,000 worms to get started with your Subpod® composter. Compost worms are similar to earth worms but they eat more and they can consume a larger variety of materials. We recommend ordering worms after your Subpod® arrives so you can set it up ahead of time. This way your new worms will have a nice home ready to go when they arrive!

We recommend either of these species for your Subpod®:

  • Tiger/Red Wriggler Worms (Eisenia fetida)
  • Indian Blue Worms (Perionyx excqvatus)

When you buy worms online ideally there will be a mixture of worms and eggs. Add them both to your Subpod®. If you are only buying worm eggs, you will need to wait 2-3 months before they hatch.

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