Teak Package Delivery Bin


Dark Granite
  • Free Standard Shipping!
  • Column shape adds class and style to any porch
  • Polyethylene plastic construction
  • Easy to clean and incredibly strong
  • Stainless steel hinge and lockable clasp resists corrosion
  • Available in Dark Granite and Oak to match your home
  • Rectangular shape sits neatly against an outside wall
  • 1-year manufacturer's warranty
  • Made in the USA

Product Dimensions:

Length Width Height
24" 24" 33"

Inside Opening:

Length Width Height
19.25" 19.25" 31.5"

Type: Storage Bins

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More Product Information:

The large, wood-grained Teak Package Safe Delivery Box provides a secure durable plastic box to keep your deliveries safe while you are not at home. This beautiful porch accent piece keeps your packages and deliveries safe from theft and out of the elements. The Teak Package Safe features a louvered wood grain finish and stands 33” tall with a square opening of 19.25” x 19.25” which easily accepts most common packages and parcels.

Constructed with a thick and durable plastic it holds up to wind and rain and hides packages from view. The exterior has an appearance of a shutter or louver sided box. The rectangular shape sits neatly on the porch or next to any exterior wall. The top is attached with two stainless steel hinges and a steel lockable clasp to keep packages safe.

*Please note we cannot ship this item to Alaska or Hawaii