Loop Kit


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  • Designed to help secure your rain chain
  • Lightweight chain included
  • Brass Loop Kit chain is pure copper
  • Aluminum Loop Kit chain is aluminum
  • Attach to any bowl, dish, or basin
  • Simple installation
  • Thread it through a pre-drilled hole

More Product Information:

This product is just the Loop Kit and lightweight chain that comes with our Hand Hammered Copper Dish with Loop and our Hand Hammered Aluminum Dish With Loop. You can also drill a hole in your own basin and use this kit to secure the bottom of your rain chain. This will help keep your rain chain from moving in windy conditions.

Installation is simple! First, unscrew the bottom piece of the Loop Kit. The bottom piece will sit below the dish or basin, feeding through the pre-drilled hole. Then simply screw the top piece into place. The top piece will include the lightweight chain, loop, and a screw that will thread into the bottom piece. This will provide a secure connection point on any basin, bowl, dish, or even flower pot.

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