Upcycled 55 Gallon Rain Barrel


Terra Cotta
Grey is on back order. We're currently accepting pre-orders for the next shipment.  Estimated to ship in Mid-Late July.

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  • 55-gallon rain saving capacity
  • Multiple color options to match your landscape
  • Easily paintable to match your homes siding perfectly
  • Made from pre-used barrels
  • Made of high-density polyethylene plastic
  • Poly fittings for linking and overflow
  • Fits standard 3/4" garden hose
  • Plastic spigot with 1/4 turn ball valve included
  • Heavy duty screening keeps mosquitoes out
  • Can be left outdoors throughout the winter
  • Plastic fittings will expand and contract with barrel
  • Grey barrel comes with 1 piece lid (all others are 2 piece)
  • BPA Free


Diameter Height Weight
22 in 38 in 18 lbs. (empty)

Type: Rain Barrels

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More Product Information:

These rain barrels are upcycled from containers formerly used to ship and store food products. This means these plastic barrels are saved from being disposed of in landfills!

With multiple color options, you’ll be able to pick a barrel that blends in well with your landscaping, or easily paint one to perfectly match your homes siding or stonework. The heavy-duty screening on the barrels will keep out even the smallest mosquitoes. These barrels have plastic fittings so they will expand and contract with the plastic barrel and avoid leakage. Since these rain barrels are made from previously used barrels, made of high-density polyethylene plastic, they can be left outdoors even in the winter months. So, there’s no need to modify your downspouts in the Spring and Fall!