Dakota 283 Kennel Stacking Kit


  • Easily connect 2-4 Dakota 283 kennels
  • Compatible with G3 Kennel series

The Stacking Kit ships complete with:

(2) Brackets
(6) Stainless Steel Acorn Nuts
(6) 18-8 Stainless Steel Hex Head Screws (1/4″-20 Thread Size, 5/8″ Long)
(6) 316 Stainless Steel Washers for 1/4″ Screws, 1″ OD

More Product Information:

These brackets allow you to easily connect two to four Dakota 283 G3 Kennels together in a stacked formation. If you have several pups and you want to save on some floor space, this is a great way to get 2 crates in the space where you would normally only get one. Whether you’re a boarding facility, dog trainer, or just a household with lots of pups running around, this is a great way to stack your kennels together!