Garden Tower 2 - Vertical Garden Planter

Terra Cotta
Warm Sandstone
Add-On Caster Kit?
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  • Proudly 100% Made in the USA
  • Holds 50 plants
  • Non-toxic, food-grade HDPE plastic
  • FDA-approved dye and UV-protection
  • Built in Vermicompost system
  • 4 square ft. footprint
  • Easily rotates
  • Optional caster wheel kit
  • Available in Terra Cotta or Warm Sandstone
  • No electricity is needed, rotates manually

Grow More Nutritious Food in Less Space!

The Garden Tower is an easy to use vermicompost system that allows you to grow delicious vegetables and compost kitchen scraps at the same time! This system takes up little room in your yard or on your deck. The sustainable fertilizer produced by the Garden Tower helps to grow herbs, vegetables, and other plants all in a perfectly contained space.

Width Height Weight
24.5" 43" 36 lbs. (~220 lbs. with moist soil)

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More Product Information:

This system is easy to use because the soil surrounding the vermicompost tube will balance the temperature and moisture, allowing you to easily keep the worms alive and happy while they breakdown your food scraps.

These worms will move nutrients to the plants roots and the surrounding soil in the garden tower, so they are always being fed fresh compost that allows them to grow large and fast. The worms easily move in and out of the composting area through small holes, so they can easily get to the decomposing food scraps to do their composting work.

Water also moves nutrients as it flows to the bottom of the Garden Tower. Water then collects in the bottom as compost tea! This tea can then be collected and reused in the garden tower or elsewhere. Your plant roots will eventually grow their roots right up to the composting section of the garden tower where they will receive nutrients directly from the food that’s breaking down. It doesn’t get more direct than that! Once your food scraps are broken down you can easily remove the finished compost from the bottom of the tower and use it wherever you would like.

Garden Tower Setup:

Assemble your Garden Tower per the included instructions, no tools are needed for this process. Fill the tower one third of the way with soil and then water with 3 gallons of water, use a high-quality potting soil for this process. Repeat this step twice to fill the remaining two thirds of the garden tower. 6-7 cubic feet of soil will be needed to fill the entire tower. Then you can make holes in the pockets around the outside of the garden tower and plant your desired flowers and vegetables in them.

Now you’re ready to begin composting. Add food scraps for compost to the top of the garden tower. Avoid citrus, dairy, and meat food scraps because they will create an odor that could attract unwanted animals. Add some shredded newspaper or cardboard as carbon sources to your compost mixture once a week. Wait a week after your initial setup for those food scraps to breakdown before adding your worms, this way they have plenty of good food ready when they reach their new home.

We recommend adding around a half pound of red wiggler worms (Approx. 500 worms) to your garden tower. In 2-4 months, you’ll be able to harvest your compost from the bottom of the compost!

How & Why The Garden Tower 2 Works:

Setup Instructions

Click Here to view and download the setup instructions for the Garden Tower® 2.

Click Here to view and download the Garden Tower® Planting Layout.