Handcrafted Garden Tool Set


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  • Made using traditional blacksmithing techniques
  • Shaped by hand with a hammer and anvil
  • Finished with solid steel rivets
  • Hand turned American Black Walnut handles
  • Handmade in the USA

Kit Includes:

  • Three Tined Rake
  • Large Planting Trowel
  • Square Hand Hoe

Type: Garden Tools


More Product Information:

This hand-crafted garden tool set by Fisher Blacksmithing is ideal for planting bulbs and maintaining your garden all year long! Made using traditional blacksmithing techniques in Bozeman, Montana. Each piece is made by heating metal to over 1700 degrees and shaping them over an anvil. Then they're given American Black Walnut handles to ensure they can handle rough use. You can trust that these hand tools are made with true craftsmanship and attention to detail!

In this gardening kit you will receive a Large planting trowel that will be able to withstand years of hard work and planting. A Square hand hoe that is strong enough to remove the most difficult weeds with ease. You will also receive a handheld Three-tined rake that will make breaking up dirt easy and painless for years to come!

This hand-crafted set of garden tools is a must have for any gardener who wants quality and traditional craftsmanship that will stand the test of time!