How to Compost Without a Yard

February 22, 2022

In house composter

Just because you don’t have backyard space for a composter, it doesn’t mean you can’t help the environment through composting! Here are some great composters that work indoors or on small balconies, just like you'd have in most condos or apartments!

Composting Indoors

Indoor composting is a great option if you live in an apartment or condo with limited outdoor space. It's also a great option if you live in a climate with cold winters. You can continue using your composter indoors and collect nutritious material for your potted plants all winter. Here are a few of our favorite composters for indoor composting and composting outdoors without a yard!

Tumbleweed Cube Composter

This is a perfect way to utilize vermicomposting indoors without making a mess. It can handle around 5-6 lbs. of kitchen scraps every week, which makes it very efficient at generating compost. With its compact and modern design, it won’t chew up too much space inside your apartment either.

The Tumbleweed Cube is the perfect A-Z indoor composter!

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Tumbleweed Cube Indoor Composter

Bokashi Starter Kit

The process of Bokashi composting is a little different than most composters. All you need to do is add food scraps to one of your bins and once your bin is full just let it sit for 2 weeks. The compost will still need to be buried in a yard, but you will have time to collect and store food scraps until you can get to a friend’s yard!

The Bokashi Starter kit is ideal for someone who wants to drop their compost at their family’s or friend’s yard or compost bin!

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 Bokashi Indoor Composter

Biovessel Living Composter

A great way to “set it and forget it” when it comes to disposing of and using compost indoors. This vermicomposter sits right on your kitchen counter and grows plants right in your compost. The Biovessel ecosystem can break down up to 1.1 lbs. – 2.2 lbs. per week, making it great for small households!

The Biovessel Living Composter is great for those who want to get started composting without a garden!

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 Biovessel Indoor Composter

Composting On Your Balcony or Patio

Another way to utilize composting to reduce your carbon footprint, even without a yard, is by turning to the outdoor space on your balcony or patio. By utilizing these small composters on a porch or balcony, you will be able to grow a small vegetable garden, even with minimal outdoor space!

Subpod Mini Grow Bundle

When it comes to utilizing space for both composting and gardening, the Subpod Mini is a great choice. This mini version of the Subpod in-garden system will compost up to 22lbs of food waste per week. This makes it ideal for households of 1 – 4 people while still having room for gardening in the planter box!

The Subpod Mini Grow Bundle is great for large apartment balconies or decks to compost food waste!

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Subpod Mini Deck Composter

English Composting Garden - 3 Pack

With the ability to stack up to six trays, the English Composting Garden offers great versatility. Set up as many trays as you need to fill your space and use your compost and to easily rotate for accommodating your plants sunlight needs. The easy setup of this vermicompost system is simple and easy to move.

Great for those who move around a lot and need an easy system to transport!

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English Composting Garden Deck Composter

Garden Tower 2 - Vertical Garden Planter

With a 50-plant capacity and a footprint of only 4 square feet, the Garden Tower is an awesome way to have a variety of plants that can feed directly off your vermicompost produced by the worms living in the Garden Tower itself. Be sure to add on the caster wheel kit if you'll need to move the Garden Tower around your outdoor space.

Best for someone that wants to compost and grow lots of nutritious food on their deck or patio!

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Garden Tower Deck Composter
Worm Café - 3 Tray Composter

The 4 layered composting design of this vermicomposter will compost up to 6 – 8 lbs. of kitchen scraps every week. This composter is lightweight and small enough to be tucked out of sight on a deck or patio of an apartment or condo. Collect both compost and compost tea from this vermicomposter to use as fertilizer for your plants or even your friends plants.

Great for someone with a small outdoor space who generates a lot of organic waste! 

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Worm Café Deck Composter