Why are rain chains powder coated?

April 10, 2023

Powder Coated Rain Chains

Why is powder coating used on rain chains?

Rain Chains require paint that is strong, durable, and corrosion resistant. This makes powder coating the perfect candidate for applying color to rain chains that would otherwise be bare metal.

Since rain chains spend their lives outside, they're exposed to many different things that might damage them. Powder coating does a great job at resisting damage from small debris such as dirt and sticks that might end up hitting them during a storm. They also need to resist corrosion since they have so much water running over them. Traditional painting may begin to easily peel or bubble after getting wet repeatedly. Powder coating is a great way to prevent this from happening!

What is powder coating anyway?

Powder coating on rain chains is a method of applying paint as a dry powder. It is applied electrostatically and cured with a heat source.

The paint will be electrically charged as it leaves a paint gun and is sprayed onto the rain chains, by electrically grounding the metal rain chains the paint will stick to them very well. Then the tiny paint particles are melted under heat to create a smooth surface when finished.

Rain Chain Color Options:


Designed to match most gutters, white is a classic look that will fit well on almost any home.

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One of our most popular powder coated colors, black will help your rain chain stand out and be seen against lighter siding and brick. Black is also a popular choice for all home fixtures right now, so this will coordinate your rain chain with the rest of your black accents perfectly. 

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Much like black, bronze is one of our best-selling colors and will look great on almost any home or backdrop. Bronze is a beautiful classic option that will coordinate with other earth tones.

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We do offer products in raw unfinished aluminum. The option pictured is actually a clear powder coating that is offered in the cast aluminum products. This clear powder coating will allow the natural color of aluminum to show, but it will be protected from the elements and help keep the color consistent overtime. 

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Patina is a great option if you don’t want to wait for unfinished copper to patina naturally overtime. Choosing this option is a great way to guarantee you'll get the light blue patina look on your home.

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Specialty Colors - Blue Patina

This color is only offered exclusively in the Medium Square Cups Rain Chain. This is a powder coated chain designed to mimic the look of blue patina without changing color further. It provides a more dramatic look and it's a great option if you like the look of patinaed copper.

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