Which rain chain accessories do you need?

December 14, 2021

Rain Chain accessories

Rain chains are a great alternative to traditional and boring downspouts, but they require a lot of research to make sure you get everything you need for them to work properly. Let’s talk about everything you’ll need to install your rain chain with confidence. We’ll discuss everything you may or may not need for your rain chain from the top down!

Connecting A Rain Chain to Your Gutter

Getting water to flow onto your rain chain properly is key to getting it to function well. All the chains we sell come with V-Hook installation kits; these work well for holding your chain in place but do nothing to help direct the flow of water onto your chain. If you live in a dessert environment and aren’t worried about any water flowing off your roof, this will work just fine. Many of us receive a decent amount of rainwater and snowmelt every year though. That’s why we recommend using our installation kit!

The Installation Kit is an accessory that fits in the hole of your gutter and will do a great job of holding your chain in place as well as directing water onto your chain to help it function properly. We recommend using this accessory with every style rain chain out there and they come in several sizes to fit even the largest gutter.

Another great addition to the installation kit is the Gutter Debris Blocker, this is a small accessory that fits on top of the installation kit to prevent debris from flowing down your gutter onto the rain chain. This item is recommended to those who have trees near their roof that cause large amounts of debris in your gutters.

Installation Kit

Directing Water onto Your Rain Chain

Some splashing will always occur with rain chains because they are open to display water flows rather than completely enclosed like traditional downspouts. They’re still designed to move the majority of water down to the ground and having some water splash usually isn’t an issue for water mitigation. There is an accessory to help with the extra splashing though!

Help direct even more water onto your rain chain with the Link Chain Reducer! Attach the Link Chain Reducer to your Installation Kit to collect water and funnel it onto your link-style rain chain. This accessory will help slow the water and will prevent some of the excessive splashing.

Link Chain Reducer

Securing Your Rain Chain to The Ground

One thing that you absolutely must do with rain chains is secure them to the ground. This will prevent the wind from blowing your chain into the side of your home which can cause damage to both your rain chain and house. Properly securing your chain will also allow it to function as it’s intended to.

If you want to secure your chain directly to the ground, we recommend using an Anchor Stake or Anchor Pin. It’s important to remember that falling water will disturb the dirt or mulch below your rain chain. One way to combat this is by placing river rock directly beneath your rain chain. Another way to secure a rain chain is with a dish. Our selection of copper and aluminum dishes are perfect attachment points for your chain. By filling these dishes with rocks or stones, you won't have to worry about your chain moving. Already have a basin or dish you want to use? Perfect! We also offer a Loop Kit that will allow you to convert any decorative bowl or basin into a great attachment point for your rain chain!

Rain Chain Basin