Rain Chain Trends Expected In 2023

January 05, 2023

Rain Chain Trends in 2023

Let’s look at some of the rain chain trends and styles we can expect to see this year!

Cast Link Rain Chains

Cast style rain chains are some of our best-selling link style rain chains and we expect them to continue to grow in popularity this year. They're made of individual links that are made with molded aluminum, this results in a chunky looking link that is sturdy and lightweight. This thicker look is becoming very popular with many architects, and we're excited to see these chains on many new homes this year!

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Aluminum Rain Chains

We love the look of bare metal on homes and aluminum is a lightweight material that won’t corrode over time. This makes rain chains that are made of aluminum great options for a variety of homes! We're now offering all hand-cast links in a clear powder-coat. This gives the look of bare aluminum, while providing the cast links with extra protection. We expect this beautiful new option to make these rain chains very popular this year.

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Rain Chains Used with Rain Barrels

Using a rain chain to divert water into a rain barrel for gardening purposes is an awesome idea and we love when customers do it. We've been seeing this concept used more and more over the past several years! The increased awareness of sustainability at home is leading to more homeowners collecting rainwater. The wide variety of decorative rain barrels and rain chains make rain harvesting stylish too!

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Rain Chains Trends For 2023

Our team is expecting these rain chains to be very popular this year!

Origami™ Rain Chain – Stainless Steel and Black

The Origami™ Rain Chain has quickly become one of our best-selling rain chains since it first became available in 2022. It's now available in unfinished stainless steel and we expect to see this option used on even more homes around the country this year.

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Rectangle Links Rain Chain – Aluminum and Black

This link style rain chain has been growing in popularity and will look great on new homes as well as renovations. Now that it is available in aluminum with the other cast link style rain chains, we expect to see it utilized even more in 2023.

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Double Loops Rain Chain – Black and Bronze

As rain chains get more popular, we expect to see this option on many more homes. This style has always been one of the best-selling rain chains we offer and with more and more rain chains popping up on homes, we expect to see this rain chain much more as well.

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Large Link Rain Chain - Black

This chain has a classic and simple look to it, which has made it very popular over the past few years. The price point on this link style rain chain is hard to beat and the aluminum material it’s made from will last which makes it continue to grow in popularity.

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XL Cast Oval Links Rain Chain – Aluminum and Bronze

This is another cast link style rain chain that we're expecting to become even more popular. This one has the classic look of an oval link chain which makes it very popular on homes with rustic architecture. The Bronze powder-coated option is a customer favorite and the new aluminum option is becoming very popular as well.

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