Rain Chain Maintenance & Cleaning

February 01, 2024

How to maintain your rain chain over time!

Rain chains are designed to be very maintenance free. However, like any outdoor feature, rain chains require some regular maintenance to keep them looking their best.

Rain chains are not only functional additions to your home; they're also decorative elements that can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your garden or outdoor space. Let’s explore the importance of rain chain maintenance and provide tips on how to keep them clean and pristine.

Understanding the Problem: How Dirt and Debris Accumulate

One of the primary challenges with rain chains is their exposure to the outside elements. Over time, it's normal for various particles such as roof material, dust, pollen, bird droppings, etc. to accumulate on the surface of the rain chain. 

By adding guards to your gutters, you can prevent leaves and debris from entering the gutters and washing down onto your rain chain. We sell a “Gutter Debris Blocker that helps with this problem!

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The Basics of Cleaning:

When it comes to cleaning rain chains, simplicity is key. In most cases, all you'll need is clean water and a soft cloth to wipe away surface dirt and grime.

Begin by rinsing the rain chain thoroughly with water to remove loose debris. Then, using a gentle cloth, such as microfiber or cotton, gently wipe the surface of the rain chain to remove any remaining dirt. Avoid using abrasive materials or harsh chemicals, as these can damage the finish of the rain chain.

If you have a cup-style rain chain with end-nuts, we recommend using a dab of Blue Loctite to secure each end-nut when assembling. This will help prevent the end-nuts from wiggling their way off overtime.

Pure Copper Rain Chains

Copper rain chains are a popular choice for their durability and timeless aesthetic. Keep in mind that unfinished copper will age and patina, which will affect the appearance of the rain chain overtime. The natural copper will turn a rich brown color and it may eventually turn to a greenish hue. This process varies depending on your exact climate. 

To maintain the luster of copper rain chains, consider the following tips:

Embrace the Patina Process: It's important to note that pure copper rain chains are intended to develop a natural patina over time. This patina not only adds character and charm to the rain chain but also serves as a protective layer, helping to prevent corrosion and maintain the integrity of the copper. Embrace the patina process as a natural part of the aging of your rain chain, and resist the urge to remove it entirely.

Utilize Copper Cleaner: Some prefer to maintain the copper color rather than let it age. For stubborn smudges or darker areas, invest in a high-quality copper cleaner specifically designed for use on outdoor copper fixtures. Follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully to ensure optimal results without causing damage to the rain chain. We do not recommend sealing your rain chain because of the tendency of the sealant to peel in certain environments.

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Rain chains are a beautiful and functional addition to any home, they naturally can get dirty since they live outdoors. Occasionally they may need to be cleaned just like gutters, siding, shutters, and other exterior fixtures.

By understanding the factors that contribute to dirt and debris accumulation and implementing gentle cleaning techniques, you can ensure that your rain chain remains a stunning focal point in your garden for years to come. Whether you have a copper rain chain or another material, a little care and attention will go a long way in preserving its beauty and functionality!