Best Rain Chains for Heavy Rainfall

December 08, 2021

Cup Style Rain Chain

Rain chains are quickly growing in popularity in all parts of the country. Unfortunately, not all rain chains are created equally and some simply function better than others. In some parts of the country, rainwater mitigation is not a huge issue and you’ll be able to add any rain chain you want to your home without any concern. Others need to put a lot of thought into how we move rainwater away from our home to avoid damage to our houses and landscaping. That’s why we put together a quick and simple list of rain chains that not only function the best, but also have proven to be the most popular styles and designs.

Medium Square Cups

Available in a variety color and material options, this rain chain has a very simple design which makes it great at moving water and preventing splashing.

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XL Scallop Cups

This is one of the largest cup style rain chains on the market. Each cup is over 4 inches across by over 5 inches in length. It’ll move plenty of water for you and it looks great!

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Extra Large Square Cups

The largest cup style chain you can find! These cups were designed with heavy downpours in mind and will be the best option for homes that receive lots of rainfall. This is also a great option if your home has large gutters.

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Large Square Cups Copper Rain Chain

This rain chain has a lovely, scalloped detail on the top of each cup with a pre-aged copper finish. The gorgeous reddish streaking shows off the cups handcrafted quality and beautiful craftsmanship!

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Smooth Cups Rain Chain

This Smooth Cups Rain Chain is a versatile cup style chain. The simple, sleek style is perfect to use on most any style home and will perform great at the same time!

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Large Tapered Cups in Copper

This chain is made with thick, pure copper to give you a great patina look as it ages outside. The clean lines coordinate well with any style home!

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Buddha Cups

This beautiful large copper cup style rain chain will handle all waterflow conditions. The beautiful hand-hammered copper and brass end nuts will be an eye-catching statement on your home!

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Slotted Square Cups

Made with pre-aged copper, this chain is perfect for those looking for a classic and aged look. The slots in the cups will add a bit of style without effecting the performance of the rain chain!

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Arts & Crafts Cups

An attractive addition to the aged square cups rain chain designs. This longer cup adds a distinctive Arts & Crafts flower motif with the 6 square hole designs in each cup.

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Hummingbird Theme Copper Cups

One of our favorite and best-selling garden themed chains. These pure copper cups feature hand tooled flowers and hummingbirds on the sides. A beautiful addition to your home that will also function great!

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