Using Rain Chains in Windy Conditions

May 28, 2024

How to use rain chains in windy areas

If you live in a windy area, you might wonder if rain chains are a practical choice. The answer is yes, rain chains can be used in areas with extreme wind.

The main considerations are choosing the proper rain chain design and installing it correctly to withstand high winds. With the right approach, rain chains can be both a functional and decorative element of your home, even in gusty conditions.

How to Install a Rain Chain to Handle High Winds

Anchor to the Ground Properly

Anchoring your rain chain to the ground is essential for stability in high winds. Without proper anchoring, the rain chain can sway excessively, which may lead to damage or detachment. You can anchor your rain chain using a ground stake or by securing it to a heavy basin or decorative rock. Ensure the anchor is deep and heavy enough to prevent the chain from moving excessively. It's also important not to pull the rain chain too tight because that will cause damage to the rain chain overtime. Leave enough slack for the chain to hang naturally, but tight enough so that it can't sway and hit anything. 

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Secure to Your Gutter

Securing the rain chain to your gutter is crucial for stability. A secure attachment minimizes movement and reduces the risk of the chain detaching during strong winds. The best method is to use an installation kit designed for rain chains.

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Pick the Proper Rain Chain

Selecting the right rain chain is vital for performance in windy conditions. Different designs handle wind differently, so it's important to choose one that suits your environment. Below, we’ll explore the best types of rain chains for windy areas.

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Best Rain Chains for Heavy Wind

Link Style Rain Chains

Link style rain chains are an excellent choice for windy areas. Their design allows wind to pass through rather than catching it, which reduces swaying and potential damage. The open design lets wind flow through, minimizing resistance. With fewer parts to break or get damaged, link style chains are generally more robust in extreme weather. Despite their simplicity, link style chains can be very elegant and come in various styles and finishes.

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Cup Style Rain Chains

Cup style rain chains are another popular option, known for their ability to handle water efficiently. However, they are more susceptible to wind due to their cup shapes catching the wind. If you prefer the look of cup style chains, here are some tips to make them more suitable for windy conditions.

Choose Smaller Cups, smaller cups present less surface area to the wind, reducing the risk of swaying and damage. Ensuring a very secure attachment at both the top and bottom can help mitigate the effects of wind.

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Rain chains can handle extreme winds when you take these points into consideration! Embrace the elegance of rain chains and let them add a touch of charm to your home, regardless of the weather!