Tiki Theme Copper Rain Chain


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  • Cost per linear foot: $19.00
  • Hand tooled embossed cups
  • Copper Tiki designs adorn each cup
  • Made of thick, pure copper
  • Top wires and nuts supplied; assembly required
  • Number of cups per 8 ft. length: 16
  • Recommended Accessory: Installation Kit
  • 5 Out of 5: Water Flow Index

Rain Chain Specifications:

Cup Width Cup Height Bottom Opening
3 1/2" 4" 1 3/4"

NOTE: We gladly accommodate special orders, large orders, custom lengths, and even small samples; please contact customer service or fill out our Custom Length Rain Chain Form.

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More Product Information:

The Tiki Theme Copper Rain Chain is made of pure, unfinished copper. The cups feature tooled Tiki designs in the sides. This playful design will be a fun and functional addition to your home!

Assembles easily in minutes with no tools. Comes with a gutter V-hook attachment piece making installation easy.

NOTE: This product is not warrantied for cold climates; the product may fail from extreme cold or repeated freezing.

Type: Cup Style

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