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Porch Swing


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  • White oak regular back porch swing.
  • Constructed with top grade kiln-dried white oak.
  • Cabot Australian Timber Oil-Honey Teak Finish.
  • Sturdy, durable, secure seating.
  • Quality guaranteed.
  • Clean with 50 - 50 water and bleach solution.
  • Please allow 1 to 2 weeks for delivery.
  • Swing Stand sold separately.
  • Made in the USA.
This beautifully crafted regular back porch swing is Sittin' Easy's most popular item. Sturdy, dependable, firm and secure seating. Your choice of 4' or 5' length. Comes with 72" of chain to hang your swing from the ceiling. 5' Dimensions: 60" L x 26" D x 19"H (55 lbs). 4' Dimensions: 48" L x 26" D x 19"H (42 lbs). Made in North Carolina, USA!

The Sittin' Easy Story

Located in Eagle Springs, NC, Sittin' Easy is the creation of Walter Harper who earned his master's degree in Industrial Arts and Product Design at N.C. State University. He taught Industrial Arts, and designed and made furniture for several companies before founding Sittin' Easy in 1978.

While researching the furniture market, Harper noticed that there were no new porch swings on the market which met his criteria of comfort and durability. The comfort of his furniture is the result of dozens of trial and error designs before coming up with just the right curvature using flexible yet strong slats. The results revolutionized the porch swing market where many failed attempts have been made at duplicating such innovation.

From the beginning, his research on durability took him to antique shops and museums where he found items lasting over 100 years in the weather were Oak Paving Blocks traditionally made of White Oak. Thus, from the onset, top grade kiln-dried White Oak has been the cornerstone of his company.

While new pieces are added to the line occasionally, the basic quality, durability and style remain the same so that customers can add to their collection through the years.

Owners Walter and his wife Kim market Sittin' Easy furniture through grass roots methods which include: the web, retail stores, craft shows, catalogs, and distributors worldwide.

Type: Porch Swings