Corner & Terraced Raised Garden Bed Set B


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  • Premium quality raised garden bed
  • Easy to assemble without complex tools
  • Composite wood plastic boards
  • Heavy-duty steel brackets
  • Modular design for customized configurations
  • Ideal for growing vegetables, flowers, and herbs
  • Open bottom for drainage and healthy roots
  • Soil Volume: 12.9 cu. ft (96.4 gal) of potting mix

More Product Information:

Providing extra height and visual interest, our premium quality Corner & Terraced Raised Garden Bed Set is perfect for growing vegetables, flowers, and herbs. The composite wood plastic boards and heavy-duty steel post brackets ensure a strong and durable structure that can last in outdoor conditions for up to a decade.

Attached with 1 set of R0714T4821 and 1 set of R0714C2124. This allows you to create various shapes and customize the bed configuration for your garden.

Multi Grow Space

This Corner & Terraced Raised Garden Bed Set provides 3 comfortable depths of 7", 14" and 21", to accommodate almost all root depths, in different sizes and directions.

Ideal for displaying welcoming flowers and plants alongside an entryway in a lovely corner or a T-shaped garden bed.

Open Bottom

This raised garden bed has an open bottom, which allows excess water to drain and plant roots to grow freely.

Maintenance Free

Galvanized with a UV resistant powder-coat finish. The steel brackets support the garden bed through each season without rusting or discoloring over the years.

Wood plastic composite boards provide the genuine texture of wood while maintaining sturdy and durable structure in outdoor environments.

Grow Sustainably

The raised height reduces the need for weeding and watering, protects plants from pests, and keeps the soil under better control.

The galvanized finish on the steel brackets prevents the garden bed from getting too hot in high temperatures.