Hamama Microgreen Kit with Bamboo Frame


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  • Everything you need to start growing in style!
  • Reusable Grow Tray
  • Beautiful Bamboo Frame
  • Easy Instructions
  • 1 Super Salad Mix Seed Quilt
  • 1 Hearty Broccoli Seed Quilt
  • Kit Weight: 2lbs.

Kit Dimensions:

Length Width Height
12.75" 6.875" 2.25"

More Product Information:

Everything you need to grow microgreens. Just add water! This Microgreen Kit works well even in low light. All seeds are non-GMO. With this convenient bundle you'll receive the reusable grow tray and the beautiful bamboo frame that will look great in your home. You'll also get one super salad mix seed quilt and one hearty broccoli seed quilt to get you started on your microgreen growing journey!

How Does It Work?

To use simply add water to the grow tray and remove the seed quilt from its packaging. Then completely soak the seed quilt in water and let sit for 4 to six days. Once your seeds have started to grow remove the top layer of the seed quilt and let them finish growing! Once you enjoy your microgreens, you can compost your seed quilt!