Great American Rain Barrel - 60 Gallon Unpainted


Matte Gray
Add a Diverter?
Please Note: This item is expected to ship in May.
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  • 100% repurposed food-grade container
  • Plastic spigot threaded for hose connection
  • Overflow fittings
  • Drain plug
  • Hard top, screw on lid
  • Insect screen to keep water clear of debris
  • Ports to link barrels together (hose not included)
  • Spigot ports located 4 and 14 inches from ground
  • 1 year limited warranty on barrel and parts

Please Note: This is an unfinished repurposed barrel, scratches and scuffs may be present.

Type: Rain Barrels

More Product Information:

Harvest rain water and use it to offset your outdoor water usage with these upcycled rain barrels! These barrels are 100% repurposed food-grade containers, so they may have markings.

We love these barrels because they're a sustainable and durable option! This unpainted option is popular with customers who want to paint the rain barrel themselves. You can save even more water by linking these rain barrels together using a 3/4" (interior diameter) piece of garden hose.

Please note: Unpainted barrels are either gray or black depending on what is available at the time. The polished river stones that can be placed in the lid, overflow hose/tube, or the "Save the Rain Diverter" are not included.

Save The Rain Diverter:

Use the Save the Rain Diverter to channel water from your downspout to your barrel or watering can. It’s constructed of galvanized steel for strength and durability. Diverters come in 2 sizes: Small 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 for downspouts (rectangular or round) that are smaller than 3 1/2” and Large 3 1/4 x 4” for all rectangular downspouts greater than 3” or 4” round. Large diverters will not fit downspouts that are smaller than 3×4″.

Installation Tips:

  • Tools needed: hacksaw & measuring tape
  • Draw a line on the downspout approx. 9 inches above the top of the rain barrel
  • Move the barrel away
  • Use a hacksaw and cut the downspout at the line or marking
  • Note: If a downspout bracket is below your cut, remove the bracket and place it above the cut
  • Attach diverter and set angle
  • The diverter is designed so that you can crimp the sides of the downspouts to fit the diverter
Rain Barrel Specifications:
  • 3/16” polyethylene
  • Recycled Food Grade Plastic Resin
  • UV Protected
  • BPA Free
Dimensions Capacity Weight
24" D x 39" H 60 Gallon 20 lbs. (empty)

Small Save The Rain Diverter:
Length Width Height
11" 3" 2.5"

Large Save The Rain Diverter:
Length Width Height
11" 4" 3"