Flat Rings™ Copper Link Rain Chain


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  • Splashing does occur with this design
  • Sold only in 8 foot lengths
  • Made of pure, unfinished copper
  • Folded edges add strength
  • Flat surfaces lead to more splashing
  • Number of rings per 8ft. length: 35
  • Comes with a copper V-hook for easy installation
  • 1 Out of 5: Water Flow Index

Recommended Accessories: Installation Kit, Link Chain Reducer

Rain Chain Specifications:

Ring Diameter Ring Width
3" 3/4"

More Product Information:

A customer request led to the creation of the new Flat Rings™ Copper Link Rain Chain! This rain chain is made of flat rings in pure, unfinished copper. The folded edges add strength and look beautiful! The flat surfaces on the rings cause splashing from the flow of water down the chain. This rain chain is better suited for decorative use around your home.

PLEASE NOTE: This rain chain does splash; it will disperse the water coming from the gutter, but it is not effective at carrying the water down to a single point below. It's primarily a decorative option.

Comes with a matching V-hook for easy installation, or try our Installation Kit in copper for a perfect match!

Type: Link Style