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Downspout & Rain Chain Diverter


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  • Hand cast in aluminum with a hand rubbed bronze finish.
  • Heavy duty; will stay in place and last forever.
  • Drains water away from your home.
  • Helps reduce splashing at the bottom of your rainchain.
  • Installation is simple; set it and forget it.
  • Dimensions:
    Length: 20"
    Width: 9" tapers to 6"
    Height: 4"
    Weight: 9 lbs.

More Product Information
Another new accessory to make your rain chain work even better! This Diverter helps control drainage by moving water away from the downspout or rain chain end point.

Hand cast in aluminum, then hand rubbed with a bronze finish, this is both beautiful and functional. It will not move around, and the slanted bottom drains water away from your home. Buy this diverter; set it and forget it.