Defender Series Building Protector


Safety Green
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  • 8 x 8 inch Column Protector (10.25 x 8.5)
  • Simple two piece design
  • Includes two velcro straps
  • Deflects and absorbs minor impacts
  • Great tool for protecting light posts and beams
  • Available in several high visability colors
  • Made in the USA
  • 1 year limited manufacturer's warranty
  • Dimensions: 23.75" L x 23.75" W x 41.75" H

More Product Information
Anyone who's worked in a warehouse can recognize when an I-Beam has been attacked by a forklift. It's not pretty and it's not safe. The Defender Series Building Protector by Good Ideas is the perfect, affordable solution to keep your busy forklift drivers from damaging your company property. The Defender comes in two halves that simply clasp around a standard 8x8 I-Beam and are held together with the included velcro straps. Small impacts are deflected or absorbed. If the unit it hit directly with a larger force, it's meant to break away like a crumple zone, to keep both the pillar and the Defender safe from damage. The unit can also be placed around light posts or other column structures of appropriate size. The Defender halves can also be set against walls to form a barrier in high traffic areas. Keep your structures safe and OSHA at bay with the Defender Series Building Protector.

*Please note we cannot ship this item to Alaska or Hawaii