Classic 4x7 Keyhole Composting Herb Garden


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  • Perfect for growing vegetables
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Made of food grade BPA/phthalate-free vinyl
  • Built in composter
  • Recycles own box
  • Requires minimal watering
  • No soil turnover
  • Warranty: 20 Year
  • Soil Capacity: 36.3 cu ft.
  • Planting Area: 28.1 sq ft.
  • Assembled Weight: 58 lbs.

Compost Basket Dimensions:

Length Width Height
12 in 12 in 23 7/8 in

Assembled Garden Bed Dimensions:

Length Width Height
84.13 in 48.13 in 22 in

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More Product Information:

Inspired by the African keyhole gardening technique, the Classic 4x7 Keyhole Composting Herb Garden lets you compost household waste and grow vegetables in the same garden. The unique three bed layout is perfect for growing a variety of herbs, vegetables and flowers in proximity to each other to encourage beneficial insects, pollination and an increased yield.

A compost basket in the central garden is used to conveniently place your daily kitchen scraps. This household waste is then organically transformed into nutrient rich soil that nourishes the vegetables in all three gardens. Compost fed soil better holds moisture and nutrients, while using up to 70% less water.

Crafted from a durable food grade BPA/phthalate-free vinyl that ensures healthy, safe food production and a long product lifespan. Boards slide into posts easily and conveniently, with no need for tools or screws.

It’s smart, sustainable and beautifully designed.

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