OverEZ Chicken Coop in a Box


  • Free Standard Shipping!
  • All-Season chicken coop
  • Made in the USA
  • Built by Amish-trained craftsmen
  • Houses up to 5 chickens
  • 1 Screened window opens and closes for fresh air
  • 2 Nesting boxes
  • 2 Vents on each gable end on the upper point
  • 2 Roosts
  • 1 Mandoor
  • 1 Chicken door with treated wood ramp
  • Includes the detachable run
  • Weight: 230 lbs. / Shipping Weight: 290 lbs.

Assembled Product Dimensions:

Length Width Height
83 in 47 in 54.5 in


More Product Information:

The Chicken Coop-in-a-Box comfortably houses up to 5 chickens and even comes equipped with flooring to meet all your needs. It’s built to last, made in the USA, and constructed out of wood by Amish trained craftsmen. This amazing coop makes life “EZ” for you, assembling in less than 60 minutes with only a screw gun. This coop ships FREE from the factory!

Keep Your Chickens Cooped Up.

The experts at OverEZ Chicken Coop® noticed that many chicken coops on the market are only made for housing chickens seasonally and they didn't come with a floor. So, they got to work creating a chicken coop that will meet all your needs.

This amazing coop assembles in less than 60 minutes with only a screw gun. We have easy-to-read instructions and a video to assist you with assembly.

Detachable Run Features:

The detachable Coop in a Box Run is made out of Tenax (hex netting). Produced from High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), with fully recyclable, non-toxic, and high-quality polymers.

  • UV Treated
  • Hexagonal mesh with reinforced, smooth edges
  • Hexagonal mesh: .75" x .75"
  • Won't rust or corrode
  • Rot-proof

Chicken Coop Features