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Themed Rain Chains

Themed Rain Chains

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Themed Rain Chains by Garm Beall, Good Directions and Oregon Garden Arts are a beautiful alternative to gutter downspouts! Solid copper rain chains install quickly and easily, adding personality and refined style to any home. Rain gently cascades through and around each chain link or copper cup creating a fountain like effect that is sure to excite the senses.

Hundreds of years ago the first rain chains were created in Japan to add beauty and elegance to their homes and temples. Then as today, these simple yet functional rain chains conform to the ancient principles of feng shui: wind and water in harmony with nature.

Many of our rain chains are hand crafted from the finest materials using wood, heavy gauge copper, brass, aluminum, and iron. The themed style rain chains are not only aesthetic but also extremely functional. They allow large amounts of water flow and the open bottoms allow the water to easily cascade from one decorative cup to the next. Even in parts of the country with colder climates, rain chains offer beautiful ice formations that trickle as they melt and sparkle in the sunshine. Themed rain chains offer home owner's the opportunity to add personalized character to their homes and gardens. Whether you choose a butterfly, honeybee, pineapple, dragonfly, watering cans or dolphin theme, you will be glad you chose to buy your rain chain from Rain Chains in a Nutshell. We offer unparalleled customer service, a great selection of copper themed style rain chains at low prices with free standard shipping and hassle free returns.


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