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Rain Chain Installation

Installation is usually straight forward and simple. Rain Chains hang from the hole where the downspout was, using the gutter attachment piece included with your rain chain.

Simply insert the attachment piece from the underside of the gutter where the downspout was previously located. When installing the rain chain, it is necessary to slightly bend the v-hook attachment piece by hand or with pliers, in order to adequately secure the rain chain in the gutter.

Lastly, the attachment piece should point downwards and the rain chain attaches right onto the attachment piece. Please refer to the diagram for reference. When there is a mismatch because the hole is larger than the chain, a separate installation kit, may be needed to reduce the hole and focus water downward onto (or into) the chain.

The installation kit also provides an outlet tube, preventing water from creeping along the underside of the gutter and dripping off. Refer to our Accessories to view all the installation kits we have to offer. If you do not have gutters on your home a leader head can be used to help collect and guide the water onto your rain chain.

Rain Chains in a Nutshell sells a variety of collection basins and rain barrels which can be used in conjunction with you rain chain for the collection of rain water. Installation of rain chains is a cinch and they become the focal point of your home or surroundings. Once the rain chain is properly installed the smooth flow of rain water down the length of the rain chain is a seamless visual and audible experience to enjoy. Rain Chains in a Nutshell has a 100% satisfaction guarantee and Free Shipping on all orders.


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